We're glad to see you here. We are the street tigers of the Cuban capital Havana.

We are little rebels and have purred ourselves in the hearts of the Cubans and the millions of tourists.

And not only that: We are very happy that the international show star Roberto Blanco has taken over the patronage for us.



Dear cat lover,

Welcome on our website. We are pleased that you are interested in us.

We are the street cats of the Cuban capital Havana. We are little rebels, which is probably due to the revolutionary history of our homeland. There are thousands of us in almost all shapes and colors.

As you can imagine, life on the streets of Havana is not always easy. But thankfully, there are people who look after us when we're hurt or very hungry.

And it is precisely these people you can help now so they can keep helping us. Our volunteers give their best to give us a good life. In our saddest hours they hug us and give us hope.

They pay for the vet if we are hit by a car, if we do not have enough milk for our babies, and take care that we do not become too many. Well, getting castrated might not be the biggest moment in the life of a proud cat, but we all are up and well.

For one of our greatest fans we stood model last year. Alexander Heber turned our pictures into a beautiful calendar that you can order now. And with every sold calendar you support us again.

We greet with purring gratitude.

Your street cats from Cuba.




Here you have an overview of our calendar. Pictures of the calendar will be shown on 5 October for the "Day of Animal Welfare" at an exhibition in Havana.



With the purchase of this calendar, you support the two animal welfare organizations Aniplant and CEDA.

Both organizations actively take care of cats and dogs on the streets of Cuba.

They provide both medical help and educational work.

Part of the proceeds of the sale will be shared equally between both organizations.

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Cats of Havana is a product of

Heber Concepts GmbH

Grindelwaldweg 11

13407 Berlin



Copyright: All image rights of this calendar are owned by Heber Concepts GmbH. Use of the images without the permission of Heber Concepts GmbH is prohibited. Infringements have legal consequences.

If you want to use our pictures, just ask politely.


We say thank you!

Of course, a cat model shooting like that does not go without helping hands.

So thank you: Alexander Lutz Heber (photographer), Felix Gornicki (production assistant), Yessie Pelegin Garcia (interpreter), Oliver Döhring (webmaster) and the entire agency "Old Cars Havana", all of whom drove us from A to B for free.

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